WPM051 – Mattie Twentythree

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So this mix was inspired by the Liaisons Dangereuses radio show, and it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it represents a lot that I personally love. As with Sven Van Hees’ seminal radio mixes, it pulls together multiple genres that have a similar feel – EBM, industrial, new beat, acid, and a dash of what’s now called minimal wave. In other words, that distinctively European “dark dance” sound (for want of a better expression) that peaked some time around 1990, before giving way to the rave revolution. In the UK we see the lineage as from Chicago and Detroit to UK acid, but across the rest of Europe the true ancestor to modern dance music was this altogether darker and dirtier stuff – have a google round for some of these old Liaisons Dangereuses mixes to hear for yourself.

So some of these tracks are EQ’d badly by modern standards, some have awkward arrangements (in fact I’ve done a little cheeky editing to make this mix work), and some are just downright ugly. But in my opinion they all have a lot of charm, and with that killer combination of razor sharp arpeggiated basslines and pounding beats I reckon they would still rock a dancefloor today.

I’VE GOT TO MAKE SENSE – Die Warzau [Fiction Records]
JUNK JAZZ – Cat Rapes Dog [KK Records]
URBAN PAINS – Société Anonyme [Danceteria]
SUPERSTITION – Drinking Electricity [Survival]
NO BIG DEAL – Love And Rockets [Beggars' Banquet]
TORTURE (RHYTHM PAIN) – Insekt [KK Records]
TROUBLE (WON’T STOP) – Cabaret Voltaire [EMI]
HEARTS AND MINDS – Nitzer Ebb [Mute]
PERFECT CRIME – Insekt [KK Records]
DIGITAL TENSION DEMENTIA – Front Line Assembly [Third Mind]
ADN (Remix) – Amnesia [Indisc]
SYSTEM – Force Legato [Sonic Groove]
BLACK COUNTRY (Defrost Legion’s Mix) – J. Meurisse Solo [Music Man]
IT’S YOU (Free House Mix) – Mr. And Mrs. Dale [Bigshot]
THE DREAM (The Acid Mix) – Out Of The Ordinary [Radical Records]
IBIZA (Loco Acid Remix) – Amnesia [Indisc]
I SIT ON ACID (Delirious Mix) – Lords of Acid [Kaos Dance]

Apologies for the dubious sound quality on a couple of tracks.
They were discovered battered and unloved in the depths of the bargain bucket…
But I thought it’d be better to share them then let them be forgotten.