Simon Ledder and Mattie Twentythree formed WEPLAYMUSIC in January 2008, based on a shared passion for dance music in all its forms. As co-promoters and resident DJs, Mattie and Simon are agreed on the formula for success – work on playing the very best music around, and the rest will follow.

“Our mission is simple and is captured in the name – it’s all about the music, and the music we play.”

So WEPLAYMUSIC isn’t about big DJ egos, it isn’t about dressy elitist clubs, it isn’t about cashing in on the latest trend. We won’t play a tune because it’s expected of us, or because it’s been charted by a DJ from Fabric – if we play a tune, it’s because we love it, and we think you will too… WEPLAYMUSIC is about that moment of magic when people come together on the dancefloor, united by that perfect combination of kick drum and synthesizer.

Born out of the minimal revolution, but not beholden to it, WEPLAYMUSIC’s music policy is built around the latest underground deep house, tech house, minimal and techno.

Alongside seeking out the best in cutting edge sounds, WEPLAYMUSIC is also dedicated to playing tunes from the early days of electronic dance music, spinning classic italo, electro, ebm, and acid.

Overall, WEPLAYMUSIC is about playing the best music we know, old and new,
whether it’s deep and emotive, bouncy and fun, or just straight-up banging. Some tune
you’ll know, some you won’t, but hopefully all will make you smile, and most of all dance.


With a hands-in-the-lasers history in the Northern club scene, you know that Simon’s a
proper raver at heart. So it should come as no surprise that Simon’s sets combine that big
room prog and tech house sound with a taste for modern minimal. Known for crafting
mixes of full-on tech beats with haunting atmospheres and dark melodies, Simon is the
peak time DJ driving force behind WEPLAYMUSIC.

email: simon@weplaymusic.co.uk

As a crate digging vinyl junkie with tastes ranging from synthpop to breakcore (and
anything electronic in between), it’s a bit of a challenge for Mattie to decide what he’s
going to play. But when it comes to WEPLAYMUSIC, allied with Simon’s minimal-based
sound, Mattie’s sets are full of skippy rhythms, warm melodies, deep atmospheres, and
a dash of oddball glitch.

email: mattie@weplaymusic.co.uk

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us (which is always appreciated) please join our Facebook group (:

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